Frequently Asked Questions-Industrial Infrared Electrical Inspections

FAQ – Industrial Infrared Electrical Inspections

Frequently asked questions and answers (FAQ) industrial infrared electrical inspections

Customers often ask us these questions about industrial infrared electrical inspections:

FAQ- Industrial Infrared Electrical Inspections

We use infrared cameras to inspect panels, transformers, buss ducts, MCC’s, switchgear, and motors. Since infrared is basically thermal imaging, any “hot spots” caused by loose connections, overloads, or unbalanced loads are easily detected.
Industrial, commercial, warehouses, office buildings, hospitals, or any facility that utilizes a significant amount of power. Many insurance providers either request or require their customers get this procedure done. Infrared electrical inspections is a major part of predictive maintenance.
Very must so. Safety is a priority when opening live panels.
The standard is once a year. Some facilities will get inspected more if there is a large electrical demand.
Absolutely! Compare the cost of a scan to having an electrician check every connection with a meter. One detected issue could mean avoiding a plant shut down. And never underestimate the value of safety.


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