Compressed Air Leak Detection FAQ

Compressed Air Leak FAQ

Cost of Air Leaks. A 1/16” leak in your compressed air system could cost you $594annually. (Based on 100 PSIG, $0.22 per 1000 CFM, 8,760 Hours/Year - a 1/16” diameter leak could flow as much as 6.5 cfm.)
During periods when the plant is not in production, one can measure the total leak volume with a monitored compressor operation or a bleed down test.
Smaller leaks also emit sound, however the frequency is too high for our ears to detect it. By a process called heterodyning, Ultrasonic Leak Detectors translate the ultrasonic hissing sound to a lower frequency where it can be detected.
Find leaks quickly and easily with Ultrasound technology! Ultrasound leak detection covers a wide range of leaks from pressure, vacuum to any gas. Sound dependent, ultrasound instruments detect turbulent flow produced as the fluid (liquid or gas) moves from the high-pressure side to the low-pressure side of a leak.
214.7 cfm *60 minutes = 12882 cubic feet per hour. The compressor uses 37 kWh and produces 12882 cf/h. To produce one cubic feet it takes 0.00287 kWh. This is equal to $0.000208 * 1000 cf = $0.208 per 1000 cf.